The 4th hole at The Refuge golf course is designed so you have to lay up at a sharp dog-leg left. There are three (technically four if you count the water, but who would want to do that?) places your ball is going to land. Safely, to the right of the 150 yard marker but you’ll add at least 25 yards to your second shot. Respectably, right around the 150 yard marker. Or, in the sweet spot to the left of the 150 yard marker where you’ll shave 25 yards off your next shot.

I just teed off and landed in the respectable zone when my husband (who just hit his ball to the ultimate sweet spot) asked me an interesting question, “If you could guarantee that your ball would always land in the respectable zone, would you take that same shot every time?”  I thought about his question for a moment and said, “Nope, I will always go for the sweet spot.” Which is, by the way, what I thought I was doing!

I figure that even if I miss the sweet spot chances are pretty good that I’ll still end up in the respectable zone, even though I’m also increasing my odds of landing in the water.  The more I practice going for the sweet spot the better I’ll become and eventually the sweet spot shot will be a guarantee.  But if I don’t try I’ll never get there except by a fluke and I don’t want to hinge my success on flukes. I’m also motivated by the fact that if I don’t try I’ll become stagnant. In other words I’m in danger of settling for good enough.  And good enough isn’t good enough for me.

When faced with a choice, are you going for the sweet spot or are you settling?  Are you pushing yourself out of your comfort zone?  The only way to improve at anything is to get uncomfortable.  Settling may feel good in the short-term but would you be comfortable looking back at your life and wondering what you could have been?  Success is an inside job. Dig deep and you might be surprised at what you’re able to do!

Are you going for the sweet spot or playing it safe?
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