Liz Uram is the author of 4 books packed full of strategies to help leaders get real results, real fast.

Communicate Like a Boss: Every Day Leadership Skills That Produce Real Results

To do something ‘like a boss’ means to do something well. Smart managers know that communication is the most important part of their job. The best way for a manager to connect with their team is through clear communication. The number one thing workers want from their managers is better communication. A manager who communicates with confidence will quickly earn the trust of others and will gain a reputation as a good leader. Effective communication is as difficult as it is important, and many managers make it harder than it needs to be. Smart managers who follow fundamental principles of communication have less stress, better results, and more productive teams.

Make the Connection: 5 Ways Smart Leaders Build Strong Organizations

Strong organizations share a common connection from top to bottom. The connection begins with a primary purpose. Smart leaders know that people everywhere have a human instinct to want to know the why behind the what. When people understand the why they will want to do the what. Smart leaders share the primary purpose of the organization so everyone is working toward a common goal. Smart leaders know it’s their job to establish the purpose and inspire others to follow their lead. They understand different leadership styles and know which decisions are up to them and when to involve the team.

What these people are missing is a simple plan that is easy to stick to…  Focused Action for BIG Results walks you through 9 practical tools so you can get focused and get the results you want!

The PPPL for websiteower of Personal Leadership: Smart Leaders Know Success is an Inside Job

All leadership starts with self-leadership. What we say, what we do, and what we believe about ourselves and others has a direct impact on our leadership potential and of those around us. Discover the 5 principles of personal leadership and learn: • How to develop self-awareness and why it matters • How attitude can hold you back or propel you forward • Methods for figuring out your best work/life balance and overcome obstacles that get in the way • The impacts of stress and how to develop resilience • How to improve communication and challenges assumptions about other people

Big Results Book Cover (1)Focused Action for BIG Results – a one year planning and action guide

Focused Action for BIG Results helps with one of the most common issues faced by today’s busy professional… the mystery of the disappearing day.  Every day the most well-intentioned people wake up ready to tackle their to-do lists but at the end of the day they don’t actually see the results they were hoping for and another day disappears.  What’s more frustrating is that they felt busy all day long yet they don’t have any results to show for it.  They soon realize that busy does not equal productive but they don’t know what to do about it.


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