Leading high-performing customer service teams goes beyond ensuring a pleasant customer interaction over the phone, email, or chat. The entire process has to be smooth from beginning to end. Your best customer service rep is only as good as the behind-the-scenes process needed to complete the customer’s transaction.

Liz Uram has a proven track record of spotting gaps and optimizing processes for a smooth customer service experience from beginning to end.

Her proprietary problem solving system quickly identifies issues and her fast-action approach provides long-lasting results that help organizations save money.

Have you noticed any of these familiar signs of broken systems?

  • Intra-department finger-pointing causes constant conflict?
  • High turnover and not enough time to train new reps?
  • Excessive overtime or unbalanced staff utilization?
  • Missed customer deadlines leaving customers unsatisfied?
  • Data entry errors?
  • Delays in accounts receivables due to missing information?
  • Charges not passed on to customers hitting your budget?
  • Out of stock inventory causing customers to use a competitor?

How much money do you think these problems could cost an organization? I saved one company $2,000,000 using my proprietary problem solving process to identify issues similar to the ones noted above and presenting clear solutions. They enjoyed a 500% ROI by hiring me. If you’re reluctant to make a long-term commitment, don’t be. I work on a project basis to resolve specific issues. You get real results, real fast.

If you’re tired of watching customers and money disappear, contact me to schedule a discussion. I can help you close the gaps so you can stop putting out fires and start focusing on leading your team.

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