As an in-demand leadership keynote speaker, Liz Uram is an engaging, relatable, and humorous speaker who provides thought-provoking, actionable content backed by proven on-the-job results.

Communicate Like a Boss® (without being Bossy!) 

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Communicating Like a Boss isn’t about being bossy, it’s about getting your point across confidently; gaining influence and respect; and getting other people to want to do the work they are supposed to do. Let’s face it, communication can be hard but if you’re in a leadership role this skill is non-negotiable. Good communication skills are the foundation to every aspect of managing and leading others. Building these skills requires tools and having the right tools makes communication easier and less stressful.

In this session, you will learn 5 best practices of effective communication and discover tools that will help you overcome everyday communication challenges so you can get better results, make a bigger impact, and be a positive influence on others. Actionable take-away’s:

  • Connect every day activities to the organization’s strategic initiatives
  • Establish standards of excellence
  • Give conflict-free feedback
  • Develop high performers through effective delegation
  • Motivate others to give their best

Liz engages her audiences through the use of props, humor, and relatable experiences. Her stories and examples drive home the lessons and make them stick. Audiences leave not only feeling entertained, but with memorable take-away’s that make a lasting impact.

Note to meeting planner: This skills-based, content-rich presentation is best for a 90-minute breakout session or workshop but can be adapted to be delivered as a 45-minute keynote.

Focused Action for Big Results: Unleash Your Productivity Potential!

This presentation addresses one of the most common issues faced by today’s busy professional… the mystery of the disappearing day.  Every day the most well-intentioned people wake up ready to tackle their to-do list but at the end of the day they don’t actually see the results they were hoping for and another day disappears.  What’s more frustrating is that they felt busy all day long.  They soon realize that busy does not equal productive but they don’t know what to do about it.

Backed by research, the presentation provides specific takeaways as the audience discovers the myth of multi-tasking, the power of focus, and the hidden ways we unintentionally lose hours of each day.  The audience will walk away feeling in control of their day and more productive than ever.

Using relatable stories, audiences laugh and wonder if I have a secret spy-cam in their office as I paint a picture of how we’re really using our time.

At the end of this presentation participants will feel fully prepared to take focused action and achieve the results they want as they learn how to:

  • Clarify and prioritize the results they’re working toward
  • Get the most out of each day and still have time left over
  • Differentiate between low-value and high-value activities
  • Say “Yes” without stress, and “No” without guilt
  • Develop habits for successful time management that bring big results

Note to meeting planner: This skills-based, content-rich presentation is best for a 90-minute breakout session or workshop but can be adapted to be delivered as a 45-minute keynote.

Keep Shining Bright: Strategies for Preventing Burnout

Burnout is a common experience, especially in today’s fast-paced and demanding workplace. In this workshop, we will explore various strategies for overcoming burnout and reclaiming your energy and vitality.

The session will begin with an overview of burnout, including its causes and symptoms. We will then move on to practical techniques for preventing burnout, such as setting healthy boundaries, practicing self-care, and managing stress.

Participants will also learn strategies for overcoming burnout, such as identifying and changing negative thought patterns, creating a support network, and setting achievable goals. The presentation will also cover techniques for regaining motivation and inspiration, such as visualization exercises and creative activities.

By the end of the session, participants will have gained a better understanding of burnout and its effects, as well as practical tools and strategies for preventing and overcoming burnout. They will leave feeling empowered, energized, and ready to keep shining bright even in challenging times.

Note to meeting planner: This skills-based, content-rich presentation is best for a 90-minute breakout session or workshop but can be adapted to be delivered as a 45-minute keynote.

The Leaders Edge: 3 Skills Tomorrow’s Leaders Need Today to Avoid Chaos, Complacency, and Lost Talent

New technology, changing regulations, and demand for talent are requiring leaders to develop new skills to avoid chaos, complacency, and lost talent. These are old problems in need of new solutions. To gain an edge and stay ahead of the competition, tomorrow’s leaders need foresight, they need to encourage innovate thinking, and they need to keep top performers. Doing the same old thing won’t work. The leader of the future needs to tackle these tough problems in a new way.

To gain an edge, tomorrow’s leaders need foresight, they need to instigate change that sticks, and they need to keep top talent – Pre-active Leadership, Transformational Leadership, and Magnetic Leadership.  Individually these skills are strong, but put them together and they become a unique and extraordinary talent stack that will set your organization up for success into the future.

Audience members will walk away from this presentation with specific action items that they can use to:

  • Identify and put a stop to recurring issues that disrupt the workplace
  • Instigate change that sticks and that people buy-in to
  • Provide meaningful appreciation that makes people want to give their all

Note to meeting planner: This skills-based, content-rich presentation is best for a 90-minute breakout session or workshop but can be adapted to be delivered as a 45-minute keynote.

Liz Uram is proud to have worked with the following organizations:

  • South Dakota Bureau of Human Resources
  • State of Minnesota
  • Wabasha County
  • North Iowa Area Community College
  • North Dakota Women’s Business Center
  • ARRM
  • CoVantage Credit Union
  • Professional Insurance Women of MN
  • Independent Community Bankers of ND
  • Minnesota Department of Revenue
  • General Dynamics
  • Unity Hospice
  • HFMA MN Women’s Leadership Conference
  • Wausau Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Allina
  • Project Management Institute CMASS
  • Project Management Institute MN
  • Associations North Fall Leadership Conference
  • HR Florida Conference & Expo
  • MN-AEYC/MN-SACA Summer Leadership Institute
  • Institute of Management Accountants Northern Lights
  • American Family Insurance
  • AdvisorNet Financial
  • CFA Society of Minnesota
  • Midwest Family Mutual Insurance
  • Community Dental Care
  • YMCA
  • Family Pathways
  • Twin Cities Human Resources Association
  • Salon & Spa Professional Association
  • Minnesota Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
  • American Massage Therapy Association
  • Executive Women International
  • International Coach Federation
  • National Association of Professional Organizers
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