Essential Leadership Skills for Managers and Supervisors

A comprehensive management skills training solution that covers management fundamentals. This management skills training solution focuses on combining skills to create talent stacks that equip managers to succeed. For example, some managers are great at problem-solving but they lack the communication skills to implement solutions.  Other managers are great at building relationships but not so good at coaching and giving feedback. Results skyrocket when a manager develops two or more skills that create a powerful talent stack.

Essential Leadership Skills for Managers and Supervisors is the #1 solution for developing talent stacks that contribute to bottom line results. This leading-edge training program combines the right mix of skill building to create talent stacks that will equip your managers and supervisors to become PREACTIVE, TRANSFORMATIONAL, and MAGNETIC leaders.

The eight skills taught in the Essential Leadership Skills for Managers and Supervisors training curriculum combine to create leaders with a unique and valuable talent stack. The future of your organization depends on managers and supervisors developing the right talent stack so they can anticipate future needs, create an innovative culture, and engage employees.

management skills training

Many first-time managers got the position because they were good at doing the technical part of the job. Unfortunately, technical skills don’t translate to management skills and 50-60% of first-time managers fail. When a manager fails because they lack the skills to do the job, the impacts are far-reaching. At a minimum it affects the direct team, other departments, and customers.y

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