Liz delivers essential leadership training focused on a core set of content that ensures managers and supervisors are successful in their roles.

Learners get:

  • Fast, immediate results
  • Training that fits your schedule
  • Easy to complete courses
  • Short lessons that get to the core of the content
  • Verifiable, measurable outcomes


Self-paced programs make it easy for learners to consume the content in a way that best suits their learning style. With Cornerstone Leadership Training self-paced programs, you get options:

  • Lessons with specific assignments. This is why our programs work. Results only come from application.
  • Video instructions for those who learn best by watching
  • Jump Start Guides for those who prefer a high-level, skim and scan approach
  • Optional one-on-one guidance available with the Premium packages, includes a 30-minute coaching session with each lesson. Example: With a 6 lesson course (excluding the getting started session) you receive 3 total hours of one-on-one time.

All topics can be delivered in a variety of formats:

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