If opportunity knocks, get up and answer the door. 

Opportunity is all around us all the time but most people miss it because they’re waiting for it to fall in opportunitytheir lap.  They won’t even extend an arm to reach out for it. Taking advantage of opportunity requires action.  Seize the day, grab the brass ring, throw your hat in the ring… these are all metaphors for taking advantage of opportunity and they all involve action – seize, grab, throw.

I heard of two good opportunities recently.  The first is an open management position that is putting some individuals in the position of reporting directly to the president of the company.  If you are these people, you have a couple of choices.  One, you might decide to lay low and be as invisible as possible.  Or, two, use this opportunity to get a little face time with the president and show the value you have to offer.

Another is an employee who has a new manager.  You could go one of two ways with this.  One, you could resist the fact that you have a new manager and dig your heels in to avoid the inevitable change that’s coming.  Or, two, you could let your new manager know that you are eager to assist in any way possible.  The cool thing about new managers is that they come in with good ideas and tend to appreciate helpful individuals who are willing to assist.

Learn to embrace change.  It’s a prime breeding ground for opportunity.

You always have choices.  I don’t what the people who are faced with these opportunities are going to do but I hope they seize the opportunity that’s in front of them.  Don’t put yourself in the position of waiting quietly for someone to notice you.  It may never happen.  People are busy going about their own day and are busy thinking about their own priorities.  You’ve got to at least lift a finger.  Opportunity is all around for those who can see it and are willing to reach for it.  So start looking for opportunities.  It won’t take long and soon you’ll be reaching for that brass ring.

Is that opportunity knocking?
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