1. Every program is focused on delivering clear, specific action items

  2. Shares experience, not theory. Liz shares what she knows works not what she thinks will work.

  3. She is super easy to work with. Calm, cool, and relaxed in all situations. No diva here.

  4. Relates to men and women alike. Liz has been in front of some diverse crowds. From presenting leadership skills to 40 guys working at an oil refinery, to white collar professionals, and non-profits, she wins them over every time.

  5. Engages the audiences and gets them involved

  6. Motivational, but not in a rah-rah way

  7. Experienced in operations, customer service, and sales. From turning a cost center into a multi-million dollar profit center to leading a sales team to $10mm in new assets in just 3 months, she knows how to get results.

  8. Tells people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear

  9. She does not claim to be a comedian but audiences will get a few laughs

  10. No fluff, just quality programming that delivers tools to put ideas into action