What is The Connected Team?

The Connected Team offers a sane approach to bridging the gap between what the company wants – productivity and profitability – and what the employee wants – communication and purpose.

The Connected Team is the definitive answer for performance-focused organizations. It picks up where most strategic planning leaves off and translates organizational goals into tactical plans for implementation.

When an organization is connected, roles and responsibilities at all levels are defined, communication is clear, and everyone is set to do their best work.
A connected team achieves results.

Get Connected! A workshop or speaking engagement on a connected team principle is full of actionable content that leaves attendees saying things like:
"I took three pages of notes!"
"Liz is the best speaker we've ever had!"
"I wish I had this information two years ago when I started my business."

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Thought-provoking, actionable content delivered by an engaging professional backed by proven on-the-job results.

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Amazon best-seller 25 Brilliant Speakers, 25 Brilliant Business Mentors, and How To Organize & Manage Your Time

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  Liz Uram is a professional speaker who delivers results driven presentations focused on leadership and performance.